Blorp Graffiti


some people just want to see the world burn…
especially me. “MUH HAHAHAHA” (< that isn’t meant to be cringey)
but putting aside that little situation, i like it but i think maybe it could be cool if it has the transparent thing to it like graffiti has like this (yeah i searched up graffiti and used the first thing i saw)

that way it looks like it was painted on the wall in graffiti style


using the airbrush on lineart makes me feel weird so i just did my usual. it looks great in game though


It looks incredible! Great job. :slight_smile:


I never felt like they reached forced meme status myself, since I see them in game very infrequently, I just think they fall into that generic “wacky and quirky” kind of style, if you know what I mean. They never activily annoyed the hell out of me like ugandan knuckles.

Basically, they aren’t for me, but I see why some people like them.


why do we see blorps as a meme, and compare it to ugandan knuckles?? the purpose of the blorps is far from offensive and people misusing the models to harass and annoy players should be stopped


Blorps are blorps.


this was my contribution btw


i really like that one, its a lot more creative than mine :0


Why does it remind me of Bubs from Homestar Runner?


catsacks feel more forced to me than blorps

fight me


Ok where do you want to fight?

Because you ain’t winning against this