Blocking Players via Steam?

Apologies if there’s already a topic for this, I couldn’t find one but I may have been searching with the wrong terms or something.

Recently I found out that a person that I’ve blocked on some social media is a Tower Unite player. I haven’t run into them in-game, but I noticed a workshop model by them, and then found a steam account from that.

I’d prefer to block this player ASAP to prevent them from harassing me again, but since I haven’t run into them in-game, I can only block them on Steam. Will this have the same effect as blocking them in-game? If not, is there any way I can block them in-game without meeting them in a server first?



I’m not sure about blocking in Steam but this might be a method that will block them in game. Idk how to structure this so I’m gonna do it like a walkthrough. Not sure if this works tho.

The thing that may or may not work

If you can find their Steam account, you can use a website like Steam I/O to find their SteamID64.

If on Windows, go to your local appdata folder (%localappdata%) and go into Tower > Saved > Confic > WindowsNoEditor and open Game.ini.

Default file path


In there you should see a section called General.BlockedPlayers, which might have some SteamID64s in there if you already have people blocked. So if you wanted to block me for instance, you would add (SteamID64=76561198040023173) in that section and it should block me.
So here’s what mine looks like roughly:

Saving this should block that user should you come into contact with them.


What Melonplex posted is the best way right now. I’ll make a UI for this ASAP for the next update.


Could the Condo and Minigame bans list also be added to the menu in a similar way?


Yeah, I’m making a Blocked Players section in the content section with both.


Awesome, thanks Melon I think it worked! We’ll find out if I ever run into them haha.

And thanks Mac, looking forward to the UI update! I’m definitely happy about the condo one in particular.


If you’re willing, you could test it out on me with the SteamID I left in the post, I’m still in West 2.


I’ll test in just a second, I saw your reply right as I started loading into the lobby lol.
Will update this post in a second with the result!

Edit: It worked! Loaded into the lobby and Melon was labeled as [BLOCKED], so it worked perfectly!
Thanks again Melonplex!


Just an update on the UI, I had some spare time and I just finished the UI, so expect that in the next update!