Black Mesa Complex [WIP]


This is very much a work-in-progress build and there’s not much to show yet. I’ll continue to post more screenshots as I continue working on this condo.

I’m using a combination of Black Mesa assets and TU’s own models/assets to make a sort of black mesa facility (although not a recreation). The facility will continue to grow as I add new areas.

Black Mesa Complex Halloween Opening

You’ve done a great job so far :+1:


Thanks. The only pain about building this has been floor/walls/ceiling, I can’t count how many times I accidentally dragged a wall trying to place something down just to realize the Lock feature was implemented.

Also, starting to work on the “labyrinth of hallways”. Of course there will be rooms and such connected, but black mesa always felt like a maze so I’m gonna try and go for that here.

Strange random storage room too


what happened to the ride there? lol


You mean that fan thingy I was doing?
Also, wondering what people think of the textures I’m using for the lab sector, do they fit together pretty well? I thought the ground was kinda weird contrasting with a concrete (or really scuffed metal) wall, but I dunno.


I like it! :grinning:


The upper level (shown above partially) will only have a few office areas, a conference room, a canteen, bathrooms, and of course the entrance area. There will be two lab levels, some maintenance areas, and a more run-down area similar to the style of Blast Pit.
Probably somewhere around the lab areas there will also be a larger office area, and I might end up attempting some sort of topside in the distant future.
Also might hold a small halloween event here if I can get a bit more rooms finished. I like the aesthetic with most of the lights off and the alarms on.

don’t mind that glowing safety sign