Black Mesa Complex Halloween Opening

Suspended due to technical problems

Hey! You might’ve seen my little Black Mesa condo project in the Community Showcase section of the forum. I’ll be opening my condo on 10/29 and 10/30, starting at around 4:00-4:30 PM (pacific time) and ending around 10:30 PM. There isn’t much of anything to see yet in terms of the actual facility, although I’ll have a media area for people to watch stuff in. It’s not much as of yet, but I’ll have it open if anyone’s interested to check it out or stay a bit. I’ll try to keep the condo up as much as possible in these times, but will be AFK often. If you need immediate assistance while the condo is open, feel free to DM me on Discord at The_Sink#9999.
And if something critical pops up and causes me to need to shut the condo down, I will give notice before I do so. If I don’t, it was probably a technical issue and should be up after a few minutes.

Please note: This condo is heavy on canvases and workshop models and may have a performance impact depending on your computer. (437 items in total, 142 canvas walls, 91 workshop items)


As long as you make sure the place is stocked up on toilet paper, don’t want a repeat of what happened last time.


Your facility makes mine look so shit, haha.

The condo is now open!
EDIT: Apparently there have been some issues with the condo not appearing in the server list, please tell me if you can’t see it and I’ll try and fix it. Not sure exactly what’s causing this.

Also, although the alarms and darkness fit the halloween theme more, not being able to see really made the place a lot more boring and because of that I’ve switched all the lights back on. This also lets me work on the place while it’s open. From this point forward I think I’ll be leaving the condo public while I’m working on it.

EDIT 2: Won’t be able to keep the condo up for a while.

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