Bingo Stealing Units+Wrong Horse being called Victor

I was playing bingo and while playing, I noticed that it would take 4k units from me randomly. When buying my 2 cards at 10k each, it charged me 20k, and then immediately after charged me 40k. Screenshots show the units transaction history on the bottom right.

The Horse Race called the wrong victor. Clearly, 3 won, but 4 was named victor, thus completely stealing my winnings from me. A video is shown as proof.

While writing this and playing bingo, I bought a single card at 1k each, and in the middle of playing, 20k was taken from my units. Just by sitting here.

Steps to Reproduce

Play Bingo and play Horse Race. They just randomly don’t work properly.

What I expected to happen

Not to have random units taken from my balance and for the correct horse to be named the victor.

What happened

I got robbed.

Notes / Media

Imgur link to evidence:

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