BG Music for Condos (Especially the resort)

This is something I’ve wanted for a while. I know the media player exists, but you have to manually enter music and it’s not quite background music.

My idea is for condos, especially the resort, to play background music. You could play background music from YouTube/Soundcloud that can either loop or play randomly. The condos right now sound a bit empty unless you have a media player. You would theoretically set the music in the condo tab in the tab menu. And it would save the links to your condo so when you were to reopen your condo again all your music would be there. For the smaller condos this may not be needed, but it’s an addition to the resort I’ve wanted for a while. And optionally you could play music specific to rooms. That would be very cool for the resort as you could play music based on the shop areas.

It’s just a fun small edition to make condos not sound so empty.

This and custom sound emitters would be so great. Condos sound so empty.


A dream would be the ability to have different songs for the different rooms in a condo.

I’m pretty sure this was also a feature back in GMT, when CondOS existed. It definitely needs to be brought back.

Custom sound emitters would also be good addition!