Add Plaza speaker music to Spooky Sound Emitter or new sound emitter

In the plaza, there are speakers in the stores and around the plaza that play some music.
It would be nice if these tracks were added into the Spooky Sound Emitter, or a new sound emitter item, so you could add some background music into parts of your condo to liven up the place.

If they weren’t added to the Spooky Sound Emitter (because they aren’t Halloween themed), then they could be added to a new item, called along the lines of “Plaza Sound Emitter”.

This is a thing that people have suggested already, but I think specifically that the music that plays in the Plaza would be a great addition.

Love this idea! I’d also really like if we could get some of the main menu tracks added to a sound emitter, those don’t get enough attention!

What if we got an all new sound emitter that has the whole soundtrack? That’d be pretty dope, imo.