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I’ve said this idea before in a similar thread someone else made, but now I feel like it should be on it’s own thread.

People think storing money is useless, but why not have an interest feature? It’s an incentive to store your money, so you can make money while you’re away. Maybe the interest could start at 5% and as you store more money, the interest increases (meaning the total interest earned would be a separate variable?). The interest should also be compounded daily (or perhaps even hourly if we pay more to setup?). This is similar to current steam games today where you can earn currency while you’re not in the game.

I bet we can go even further. We can create different bank accounts where you can use them for your specific purposes. For example, I could create an account to store money for use in the casino, an account to save up for specific items, a general account for earnings from game modes, and one for suite customization. And each bank account should earn it’s own interest. But perhaps each account should cost somewhere around 5-10K to set up?

But would these accounts be tied to the current server you’re on? Or something else?


Oooooo I like the idea of having multiple bank accounts, and maybe you could be given debit cards for each of the accounts, and you could change what the design on the card is so you can tell the difference between them.
Edit: Maybe don’t include the interest part because like loiloiloi said:

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Terrible idea, people with lots of money will just become insanely rich.

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Just now thought about that… Edited my original reply because of that

The adding interest thing was an afterthought. I knew it would be slightly OP, too. A stable, low interest would be better.

@Arctiq If some rich player can put their 5 million in the bank and earn 100k a day, they would just end up giving that money to other players, and eventually everyone would just have too much money to spend.

You don’t really know how interest works, do you? They won’t be making 100k with a low rate every day. Let’s say they do put in 5 million as you say. If the interest is around 5% compounded daily, they could only make about 20,000 in a month.

Edit: Use the formula A=P(1 + r/n)^nt if you don’t trust me
A is the final amount
P is the principal (starting) amount
r is the interest rate
n is the amount of times compounded per year (365 for daily)
t is the time span in years (divide a number by 12 for months, divide by 365 for days, I think)

If you make the interest that low then there is no point for normal players to use it.

What do you mean no point? The process is automatic. It’s free money basically.

Which is why I’m opposed to this entire idea. To be honest, I don’t even feel something like this even belongs in this game. If banks are implemented, that means everyone will just store all their coins there. Free from having to worry about going broke at the casino, or other things. I mean I honestly can’t think of a reason why you would ever need to have a bank system, except for Interest. But all that will enable people to do, is just store a shit ton of money in the bank, then leave for 6 months, come back and be rich. All without any of the effort or fun of playing the games and earning the money.


Fine. I accept that my suggestion is a failure.

I wouldn’t let yourself be beat so easily. Honestly, the banking idea is novel and adds depth and value to the currency, so it’s a good idea in that regard.

But as the devs have said before,

Add some kinda bank system!

This is ultimately completely pointless. You can’t magically lose all your money, so it wouldn’t be needed for safety. We also don’t want to basically give out lots of free money (which bank interest would be exactly doing). Gamemodes earn players enough money easily, and saving isn’t a hard concept. We will not add this as it is not worth our time.

From the GMT forums, Previous suggestions thread.

Cool idea, but I feel like something that encourages players to not spend their money on anything kind of defeats the purpose of the lobby, especially coming from me, one of “those people who buy a few hats then spend all their money on the condos” (something I overheard on voice chat in the tower once. Pretty much summed up my spending habits :P)

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