Ban the member above you (A fun game)


banned for being a furry yiff in hell


Banned for having no capitials in your name


banned for lowercase disgrace


banned for having rhymes that are too good


Banned for not realising that England are through to the Semi Finals.


Banned because people from England taunted an Ikea store because they beat Sweden.

Furniture :frowning:


Banned because you assume i would care about sports and stuff (I HATE FOOTBALL I ANGRY ARRGGGGG) im a nerd i dont need sports


Banned for raging over Englands best World Cup performance since 1990.


Banned for replying while i was trying to reply.


Banned for intercepting.


Banned for changing profile picture to a kids show character


Banned for not getting the 3333rd ban and insulting Yellow Diamond, she will now pull this face:


Banned for posting a face that’s visible through a graphic user interface.


Banned for insulting graphical user interfaces.


Banned because you don’t understand that GUIs are too gooey for me.


Banned for being gooey.


banned for being lemon person and not this one


Banned because that’s UNACCEPTABLE!


Banned for accepting the unacceptable reference.


Banned for not preparing your television for England VS Croatia