Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Further banned for not supporting a loss, Because England lost to Croatia.


Banned for taking your anger out on me in the same sentence as the word “loss”. That isn’t funny.


Banned because I’m not even angry, I’m being so sincere right now. Sincere for England for making their way through to the Semis for the first time since 1990.


banned for creating this


banned because what the fuck


banned for banning me for that


Banned because Kutatik forced me.


Banned because you’re a good person and you shouldn’t be forced to ban someone.


Banned for forcing me to ban you.


banned for forks


Banned for knives


banned for fork knife


Banned for fives. :hand_splayed:


This thread is still not dead? I’m so disgusted that I can’t even bring myself to ban anyone.

I bet i’ll get banned for not banning anyone.


Banned for conspiracy.


banned for being above the rainbow and not tasting it


Banned because smarties are better than skittles


Banned for not having M&Ms.


Banned for spending too much time on this thread.


Banned for not banning for a long time, and also for being away from the forums.