Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for disrespecting Spider Birb in general.


Banned because it is a direct address at you.


Banned because you’re banning too much


Banned because B is for Ban


Banned for extremely sugary and unhealthy milk


Banned for making me be 5 away from 500.


Banned because oak milk only contains like 40g of sugar so it’s fine


Banned for drinking Organic Milk.


Banned for 3 days (No Reason)
Wish to appeal? Appeal at BOPBOPBOP

(One day I killed a mod on a TF2 trade server, I got banned for 3 days.)


Banned for using a in game message from a game that isn’t Tower Unite.


Banned for hypocrisy


Banned for making me be 2 away from 500


Banned because that’s not my fault


Banned for being your fault


Banned for being at fault for my banning


Banned because this is an admin abuse thread.


Banned because that kinda makes sense


Banned because you kinda make sense


Banned because I now have 500 bans, and I have to thank you for making it possible.


Banned for foregoing the honor code in o’er-vaulting ambition, in a greedy lust for power. I hereby sentence you to exile from the really cool ban club because you got more bans than the rest of us :(