Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for ending a 1v1 and starting another one.



Banned for using the Windows XP box to surround this message. Windows XP ended a while ago!


Banned because Windows XP is still used by 7% of all computers in the world


Banned for failing to punctuate your sentence. I was eagerly awaiting the second part to the epic statement, but clearly it’s stuck in perpetual development.


Bannd fro taking abut grammer


Banned for hypocrisy again. This should now be a hypocritical banning game.


Baned fer hipocrysy


Banned for not inviting your forum friends @Inferno_Shadowclaw and @Erickson9610 back to this amazing game.


Banned for talking about friends.
I did that because i’m a loser with no friends that I can meet up with in real life.


Banned for being a loser. You don’t win friends with banning.


Banned for Bullying (that could actually be a believeable ban)


Banned for missing out on this game.


Banned for Banning a guy that was a long time ago


Banned because that ban wasn’t directed at you.


Banned because i already know that


Banned for knowing the joke


Banned for looping between each other for 7 posts.


Banned because you’re name is Spydermann yet your avatar is a birb


Banned for Disrespecting the spider-birb