Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Well maybe you should have banned more then!

Banned for kicking me out of the ban club.


Banned for talking about clubs, my pet potato got hit with a club once.


Banned for killing a potato


Banned for thinking I killed the potato.


Banned because potatos aren’t funny.


Banned for insulting Idaho the Potato from Gumball.


Banned for replying in under a minute.


Banned for replying in under 2 minutes :new_moon_with_face:


Banned for using a new moon and replying in under 3 mins


Banned for mentioning new moon


Banned for having a Birb image for a while


Banned for having an Incredibles image for quite some time


Banned for Lying, He is actually from ratatouille, and his name is horst.

and he is thicc


Banned for calling Horst thicc, he will kill you with a thumb.


Banned For Warning Me about a thumb


Banned for falling foul to the thumb.


Banned for thinking the thumb is not a finger.
wait no you didnt


Banned for bumping 7 posts


Banned For also Bumping Posts


Banned because we’re 99 away from 3000 posts.