Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for accusing someone of being insane without first questioning if you yourself are insane, or alternatively if we ALL are insane. After all, sanity is just a reflection of the mental state of the majority; there is no true baseline for what constitutes a sane versus crazy person. Suppose that you were to be dropped in a society full of people you consider crazy: you would quickly be found to be different, an outcast among the people, insane in their own terms. Certainly there is not a single one of us who can find themselves in exception to this.



Banned for making a long message questioning insanity.


Banned because I thought his long philosophical paragraph was excellent


Banned for taking philosophy


Banned for taking math


Banned because math is the language of science


Banned because I can put all our bannings behind us. For Science! You Monster


Banned because I sure do love myself a daily dose of science-o’s in the morning


Banned for liking Science-O’s, Internet cereal is way better!


Banned for eating internet cereal, Eat Cheerios!


Banned for telling me what to do.


Banned for also telling me what to do


Banned for showing disrespect in taiwanese (avatar).


Banned because I don’t speak Taiwanese.
And he is French not Taiwanese.


Banned for not being able to speak Taiwanese

Little did young Agent know, WHOAG could never speak and will never speak taiwanese either


Banned for thinking you can read me like a book!


Banned because you are a book


Banned for assuming their gender.


Banned for calling me an abomination (that’s not nice).


Banned for getting the 2500th post, I apologise for calling you a abomination.

Edit, I just realised that I unfortunately got the 2500th post…