Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned from the internet for using literally the worst emoticon ever created by humans.


Banned for quoting said worst emoticon


Banned for metioning the worst emoticon


Banned for spelling “mentioning” wrong in response to your reply over the worse emoticon


Banned for not recommending a better emoji. uwu


Banned for no one banning someone for not using a TU Forums emoji. :rage:


B a n n e d f o r u s i n g a T U F o r u m s e m o j i .


Banned for making your sentence hard to read.


Banned for not appreciating the challenges in life.


Banned for accepting your will to fail


Banned for not explaining why failing is an amazing thing to do, but giving up is not ok. It’s because, when you fail, you learn, and then you get up, and try to do what you failed at again, knowing more about it. When you give up, you give up on everything you where trying to do, instead of getting back up, when you failed.
P.S. Banning myself for giving a Ted talk in a forum post.


Banned for making a post script


Banned for mentioning a post script.


Banned for banning him for him banning me for making a post script, as I was expecting it to happen.


Banned because you are a stinky smelly


Banned for bullying


Banned for being subject to some bullying in your life. And don’t call me a hypocrite!


bend 4 beeng a hipocrit wacky sound effect

I think I may be going completely insane.


Banned for going insane


Banned for accusing someone of being insane without first questioning if you yourself are insane, or alternatively if we ALL are insane. After all, sanity is just a reflection of the mental state of the majority; there is no true baseline for what constitutes a sane versus crazy person. Suppose that you were to be dropped in a society full of people you consider crazy: you would quickly be found to be different, an outcast among the people, insane in their own terms. Certainly there is not a single one of us who can find themselves in exception to this.