Ban the member above you (A fun game)


Banned for wishing for a White Christmas the moment November arrives.

Also banned for making someone else’s day worse for your own gain. That happened to me just yesterday, and my day was seriously tarnished, far further than it already was to begin with. Seriously dude?


How on earth did I make your day worse Erickson?

Banned for completely failing to notice that I did not ruin your day at all!

Don’t accuse me of ruining your day!


Banned for assuming it was you. It wasn’t you.


Banned for clearing me of all bans.


Banned because idek what happened


Banned for misspelling your words


Banned because I didn’t misspell anything, “idek” is text lingo.


84nn3d f02 u51n9 1337 11n90


Banned because “1337” means “leet”


Banned for forgetting about me


Banned because you’re easy to forget about

not rlly lol


Banned because your dog is on fire. Animal abuse!


Banned for being absent.


Banned because the numbers on your name correspond to a secret code on a TF2 map I play often.


Banned cause before you said my dog is on fire.

  1. It isn’t my dog
  2. It’s spooky halloween avatar ;((


Banned for making a list.

  • Banned for not ordering a list.


Banned for not having the banned message as the header of your message.


Banned because I have nothing better to do.

  1. Banned for ordering a list.