Ballrace Update

You screwed your game up even more, you can start moving before the timer even starts now, midori levels need leaderboard wipe because alot of the skips arent possible now, you made it so you the cycles are all different because you changed the level switch animation so you messed up the entire gamemode, midori looks like crap and runs like crap, everything new you added sucks, only thing thats good in this update is the robot in the sky. Do yall even test the garbage you put out?

skill issue


First off, being hostile with us is not helpful at all.

Second, yes, this is a known bug and I have just pushed a patch that fixes the start issue.


the bug isnt the only problem
-wipe times off ppl abusing this bug and getting top 10s rn/ goto a backup of the leaderboards pre patch
-the new level switch animation
-wipe the levels that you removed the skips on, on a visual update
-test your updates

We do test our updates. We have QA testing system. This bug that came up was circumstantial and wasn’t found during our testing, but was immediately fixed (less than an hour fix).

We plan to wipe leaderboard times after everyone has updated to the latest version (in a couple hours).



all leaderboard times? or just the bugged times?

If people have a list of which times are bugged, I can remove them.

Unfortunately Steam does not have information on when a leaderboard entry was added and there is no way to restore leaderboard data on Steam either.

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someone will make a list for you id imagine

They should post it here on the forums then I can go through the leaderboards.

they will levels 2 and 11 are no longer possible anymore tho so you should wipe imo
someone else will give you better info then me

theres top 10 notifications on that server, it would have all the glitched times ready for you

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If you can repost them here, I can take a look at resolving it.

theres way to many, someone else in the community will probably list them out and get them to you maybe not today but itll prolly happen

you should join or have some of your devs join it was a pretty active community for yalls game at one point…

Summit 1, 3, 4
Glxy: 5, 13

Midori 4,

Memories 1

Glxy 6, 8, 13

Summit 3

Summit 3, 4

[何去何从129] (Steam Community :: 何去何从129)
glxy 5, 13

Summit 4

Midori 7

Glxy 5

Registered flex offender
Midori 4

Summit 3


Sorry if we came off as hostile. A good amount of us in the ball race discord are IL speed runners, and seeing all these glitched times happen wasn’t a good sight to see.

Just a few things

We can’t track any non top 10 glitched times that happened. So unfortunately those have to stay.

What are the plans with Midori and their leaderboards? Some of the pre-rework skips are no longer possible.
-2 is no longer possible with the new terrain in the middle of the circle and with no more side goals.
-5’s risky pinch is potentially not possible. Seems like the new death barrier blocks off the pinch route.
-11’s god pinch is no longer possible with the terrain changes.
-A lot of the other pinches have been theoretically nerfed a bit with the removal of the side goal.

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I can relay this to the team, but I plan to clear the leaderboards for Midori tonight.

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Alright, thank you.