Ball Race - Khromidro Time Glitch (Rank #1) *4.29 Seconds*

I got a glitched 4.29 second time on one of the levels of ‘Khromido’ in ‘Ball Race’, resulting in me getting Rank #1 on the scoreboard for that level. There was no intention for the time being glitched, and it is obviously an unfair time due to the timer of the round being reset. I am not sure where to put the report or to ask for support. Video Evidence The other player in the game was “puck” and explained to me that he did not mean to have the game on public then told me to go to the discord to have my time removed.

My steam username is, my steam account is [here] (
I’m not too sure on how to operate on this website so if any additional information is required I will attempt to deliver it.