Ball Race Demo, for nostalgia

Can I get the super old ball race demo from 2015? Remember that old thing? Gosh, the game has progressed so much from that little old piece of code and textures.

I really want to try it out again, just for nostalgia purposes, and seeing how far the game has come and improved since then.

The mega link was deleted.


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I know that, the ball race demo was from way back before even the first Kickstarter ended.

It was a separate client of its own, a “ball race demo” as they called it.

Hopefully it’s ok to post these, given that they’re now taken down.!r1cHCKDC!o6L-wZu7IDRr9OtJF2-BY-vcDN55L42CaURxpW2fg0M
Contains both the Kickstarter demo and the Indiegogo demo. Note that the Kickstarter demo doesn’t actually save settings, so unless you have a PC capable of running TU on ultra, I wouldn’t recommend it.


Thank you! That is exactly what I am looking for! :slight_smile: