I wanted some backgrounds of Tower Unite that were 1080p & had some sort of blur effect, and couldn’t find any, so I made some, and thought I might put them here just in case anyone else wanted them. Here ya go!

Here’s a .zip with all of them:


Look cool! Maybe you could try to make some suggesting background images which could probably be used in the game’s main menu? If it will actually use background images…

These make great wallpapers :o Thanks much! :panda_face:

@Radek Maybe some fireworks from the plaza with a dark purple sky (If you can even do it) that would make a cool background

Thanks! Just one question, what do you mean by ‘suggesting background images’?

You’re welcome :smiley:

Actually yeah, i’ll see if I can do that now.

I think I formulated it a bit badly. What I meant with this, is that you could make some background images and suggest these to be used in-game. Not sure if it’s really worth doing it yet, maybe at a later state of Tower Unite.

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I’m sure the devs would appreciate that

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Ohh, ok! That sounds like a great idea! Thank you for the feedback!

Hopefully ^.^