Tower Unite: Server Management Tool

(I couldn’t upload it here becuase the file is too big.)
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Server Management Tool

So i’ve started to make a tool that helps you manage your TU server, even though the actual server stuff hasen’t even been released yet. Now, obviously this does nothing, but the framework is there, so it will be easy to make once the files come out.

What the tool does (exactly)

The tool allows people running Tower Unite severs to easily kick, ban, temp-ban and teleport players (assuming the game will have that functionality). It also allows you to specify a name and description for your server, and even an icon (again, assuming the game will have that functionality).

How does the program not have the defualt UI, and how is it so sexy?

Well, I use this extension called ‘MahApps.Metro’ in WPF when creating most of my programs (programmed in C#), this allows your program to look all metro(y), and look sexy :sunglasses:

Lel, you haven’t even shown screenshots, n00b.

Here is a GIF file showing off the program.

Why did you even upload this if we can’t do anything with this, and why did you upload it in the suggestions?

Well, I uploaded it in the suggestions becuase I couldn’t really find any other catagory to place it, and I uploaded it to see what people think and to see if anyone could help me with a few things that I could do on the program now.

  • How can I use the steamAPI (or Steamkit2) to find workshop names and descriptions via their ID, and get people’s steam profile pic?
  • When will the server files be released?


Kinda pointless (at the current moment). So for now, nope.

Congrats if you read all of this, here’s a wolf for you: :wolf:, and rest in pepperinos.


This is pretty neat @SirParadox.

We plan to integrate most of these tools into the Tower Unite game (LIsten / Dedicated server).
But I might also make a companion library for remote administration type stuff (tools like yours). :smile:

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I really like the idea of having an image represent a server.

Really nice work, man.

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Thank you so much @macdguy and @Zak ! This means alot coming from both of you :smile:.

Omg, this is so cool! I hope the tool looks like that. (Sorry for revive this old post :stuck_out_tongue: )