Are you supposed to get into the upgrade shop?

In the menus with game cosmetics i notice some of them require money to buy them…however i can’t find any way to buy them and i remember you could get into the upgrade shop before but nothing was there…now i can’t even go in
Is this a bug or is it intentional?

The upgrade store is not currently available, and it is being moved into the gameworld ports in a future update.

Here’s a picture from over a month ago of what it looks like if you’re interested:


So is there no way to get the game upgrades then? Or is there a temporary solution to get them until the shop comes out?

There aren’t any game upgrades to get yet.
They’ll probably be added in the same time as the new upgrade store / gameworld ports. Here’s the Trello card for it:

Edit: I realized from your first post it sounds more like you’re taking about accessories? Is this the type of cosmetics you were talking about?

You can unlock the hats for the golf balls by buying them in the accessories menu for your avatar in the first screenshot. You unlock the gold and diamond golf balls through milestones, which you can find by hitting the B key, going to Milestones, and going to Minigolf. Everything else is an empty tab because the items haven’t been added yet.

Hope that helps!


There are a few you can get from milestones. Minigolf has the gold and diamond golf ball, Virus has the golden 9mm, Ball Race has the galaxy orb, and Little Crusaders has the crown for the dragon.