[arcade/casino] claw machines, coin pushers, plinko, pachinko



WASTING ALL MY MONEY AND RAGING because i want that zelda plushie


Typical arcade experience

If this gets in (which would be a fun little addition), it won’t be for a while. I think most of the major casino stuff is already on the waiting list for development, so this might need to be a workshop thing.

I could imagine a claw machine in the arcade. I hope this becomes a thing.

I moved this post to “Workshop suggestions”

I don’t think you should move it if the OP was making the suggestion to PixelTail for their ranked servers.
As nice as having that section is, I think we need rules against doing stuff like this.

I know, but as said by Arkive:

And the devs are still able to see it even so if they want to add it they can move it back

I still feel like you shouldn’t move suggestion threads unless the OP otherwise asks. They posted it in the main suggestions because they were suggesting it for the main game.

As I’ve said in other suggestion threads: Even small suggestions are fine, nobody is saying they need to be done any time soon.

And anyway, if the poll @macdguy did a while ago regarding Early Access has any influence over the game’s development, then we’ll not be seeing Workshop support until, or after Release.

With that said, I’ve moved it back to the main suggestions category. If a PixelTail team member says they can’t/don’t want to work on this, or if the OP wants the suggestion directed to the community instead, they can say so.

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Fair fair… Im just a crazy sorting guy

I could’ve done that myself :smirk:

I noticed, but I was speaking in general. Not everyone who posts suggestions will be a Regular. :smiley_cat:

Non-regulars can edit their posts if they’re OP