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The time has come! The WarpZone Arcade is now officially opening its doors inside the Plaza!

We’ve put a lot of blood, sweat, and tears into this update to bring you the best possible arcade experience video games can offer. Each game has tons of painstakingly crafted detail and authentic arcade gameplay!

A couple of cool facts about this arcade:

  • There are 22 brand new games!
  • There are over 180 unlockable arcade prizes, including:
    • plushies
    • toy weapons
    • vehicles
    • …and more!
  • The WarpZone is filled with authentic gameplay, sound effects, and music!
  • Each arcade machine is a unique game with its own set of achievements, leaderboards, sound effects, art, music, and animations.
  • Every arcade machine is also networked and spectatable. This is an incredible feat and was extremely difficult to make!

We’re extremely proud of the Arcade, and we can’t wait for you to enjoy it as well.

Updated Tower Lobby

This update also includes updates to the appearance of the Lobby of the Tower! We have changed the style of the lobby’s architecture and design to make it more welcoming to players.


  • Arcade is now open!
  • Arcade games ready to play:
    • Dizzy
    • Wheely Rigged
    • Whack-a-mole
    • Stack 'em
    • Super Hoopers
    • Salmon Says
    • Skee ball
    • Wheel of Fire
    • Whirl-a-fish
    • Mind Tester
    • Ring God
    • Little Birde Feeders
    • The Offering
    • Bug Bytes
    • Pluck-a-pal
    • Newton’s Apples
    • Planetary Piano
    • Meteoroid Mania
    • Avalanche
    • Tornado
    • The Ice Cave
    • Lonely Gun 30XX
  • Minigolf: Forest Art Pass
  • Added a new category to the Collection Book: “Arcade Prizes” section displays all the available arcade plushies (and how many you’ve unlocked) along with all the arcade toys/prizes you can unlock as a checklist for completionists.
  • In Plaza/Condo: If a player is near you and you are in first person, they will now visually hide to prevent people from blocking your vision while playing games
  • You can now drink and eat any holdable item (such as the hot dogs or beer) in any location even if the location disables weapons. You can get drunk in the casino, arcade, or even the theater
  • Optimized Plaza interiors
  • Plaza art pass
  • HUD now updates quicker when moving from location to location
  • Added 4 new unit HUD styles: TU Alpha, Minimalistic, Cute, and Cursive
  • Poker now displays ante in amount before you play (on use prompt)

Bug Fixes

  • Lots of optimizations!
  • Workshop NPC crash fix
  • Fixed instruments being able to be used while someone else is already in it
  • Fixed text hat displaying in first person for yourself
  • Fixed pool tubes not keeping you buoyant as they should
  • Fixed inventory titles breaking mouse hover events
  • Fixed flashlight being offset in third person
  • Fixed flashlight rotating while viewing yourself
  • Fixed footstep sounds not working in first person (which also fixes long walk achievement)
  • Fixed not being able to drag and drop fish into aquariums due to changes to inventory in previous update
  • Fixed inventory tooltip sometimes disappearing
  • Fixed poker HUD not showing your current unit amount
  • Fixed poker HUD drawing under name tags
  • Fixed various collision issues and holes in the Plaza

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<3 PixelTail Games


It’s been 5 years but here it is

i’ve been waiting for this.
thank you tixelpail


Must get every reward!


Congrats on finally releasing it, guys!!! I’ve been waiting for this for SO SO SO long now and I’m so goddamn excited to be able to check it out. Absolutely incredible work. You guys rock.


Huge Milestone! Incredible work guys! Just made my weekend plans.


its happening


Yes, yes I do <3 PixelTail Games :heart:

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Woohooo!!! :smiley:




I’m going to strive to get every prize, I can’t wait for the update to finish installing! It’s also nice that the pool tubes no longer sink to the bottom of the pool. The Tower Lobby is looking really nice now!


Can’t wait to play with friends and family members! great work guys, I’ll continue to support you however I can! :slight_smile:

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Then i dont need to wonder why i could not join anyserver and most of them are offline :frowning:


gg ebola

Arcade Transformation

very nice


That’s great! That weekend is going to be awesome)

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This does put a smile on my face

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Well, damnit. I picked a great time to move. I was hardwired in my old house but that’s not an option here, so I have to wait until Tuesday (when my wireless adapter arrives) to be able to play

Finally got a chance to try this. It’s amazing but the lag is real. I’ll probably hold off until the lag gets fixed.

Glad you finally got a chance to check it out! How many people were on the server you got into? The arcade is buttery smooth on freshly rebooted servers with few people in them :smiley:

47 iirc.