Anyone have key yet?

No key here

Not yet…

Still waiting, will post here as soon as I get one

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Same here, not one single key. No houses are being unlocked anytime soon…

I have my key.


The anticipation is just melting a hole in my heart.

no key here :frowning:

Got my key !

GOT ITefwefwe

My email stopped working, but from mobile it still has no key… is there a way to PM one of the devs? I want to ask about the keys, but I don’t want to give my email out on the internet. Also, the people ^^^^ are lucky.

got my key, y’all!


EDIT: yes

Got my key 98% downloading!


@Skye The game really isn’t that good right now…

Yeah well i wasnt expecting much its still in Alpha, I atleast wanna play it though :stuck_out_tongue:

this is a good guide

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Can you host? I wanna play with you

i might be able to host but i have download it again since MY SHITTY Chrome said it was virus LMFAO!