Any updates on VR fixs?

Hi! Love the game!

Back in the time I was able to go to the arcade and play some coin pusher in VR on PCVR. (I use a Oculus Quest)

But sadly right now I dont think than I can do that anymore.
VR controls (maybe SteamVR controls ?) are kinda broken and you c’ant navigate in the game anymore.

Can the VR Tower Unite experience be updated a little bit ?

Thank you!


I’m not the dev but I think proper VR is a ways away. A lot of the focus right now is on condo/Workshop objects and systems, if I remember correctly it’s only 1 dev working on VR in their off time. I don’t really think we have an ETA for proper VR, but that’s just from my perspective. :+1:

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We are currently trying to resolve issues with motion controllers. Since we upgraded, the motion controllers aren’t registering in the live build of the game, but work in our editor. This has led VR development to halt. Once we figure out that issue then VR can continue forward.


Thank you very much for this reply!

And thank you for your work on this amazing game ! :wink:


Motion Controllers have been solved. So everything about VR is here in this thread @GuiGuiARG along with some other things!

:goggles: VR Support

We also wanted to share that we recently had a breakthrough with getting motion controllers working again! With that issue out of the way, work can continue on VR Support.


Thank you for this answer!

I check the devlogs almost every week hoping for a breakthrough in VR and it seems that I got my wish this week ^^

I used to play coin pusher in VR in Tower Unite and it was a super cool VR experience, I hope to be able to play again soon thanks to this update!

Anyway thank you for the heads-up ! :blush: