Any complaints about Lobby 3?


I’ve noticed Lobby 3 has more of a “circular” shape, as compared to Lobby 2, which had a stretch of the stores and the theme park/ocean in the back.

So far, it is a little disorienting and I don’t like this, but this is likely because I don’t like change and need to get used to it. Since the milestone update just came out too, I will try to play a lot more and report back with updated opinions. Also, the names on the gold bricks are very difficult to see when it gets dark. Maybe make the names glow when the sun goes down?

So does anyone else have anything to say about Lobby 3 so far? Is it better than Lobby 2, worse, or more or less the same? Are you able to find all stores/attractions within it okay?


I’d say lobby 3 is pretty great at the moment.


Lobby 3 is amazing, I don’t see any issues.


I don’t have any Complaints tbh, the only thing wrong is the bugs, take that away and it’s perfect


I would like more places to find hidden treasures but the new lobby looks amazing


only problem i’ve had is some stuttering in lobby 3. not much though


I don’t have Complaints Lobby 3 is awesome


I did find the placement of everything to be a bit confusing initially. I felt like the stores and areas in Lobby 2 were more defined, as in there was an obvious area for stores, for minigames, etc. But Lobby 3 just kinda has everything everywhere and it’s a bit confusing at first.

Though It’s probably only because it’s still new, I’m sure I’ll get used to it eventually.


Lobby 3 is pretty epic though, I’m getting some ElecTown vibes from it however and that is a good thing and a bad thing.


oh and no bathrooms is also a problem


God damn seriously no bathrooms still? Well my condo is open if you do need to go so.


I’m really happy at how Lobby 3 turned out! Can’t say the same for achievements though, but when it gets fixed up i’ll be completely happy


I absolutely love it. However I think a sign for Seasons so people know where it is and maybe some sort of celebrations and fresh redesign are needed. They’re both way too big and bland.


I could be wrong, but I’m pretty sure Seasons and Fresh are getting updated in Phase 2.


That’s good news. Source?



Cool, thanks. Nothing about celebrations though ;<


I love how everything feels closer together, so I actually see more people walking around all the time and I absolutely love the nature store’s green house with the rain, I could sit there for hours.


I love it, it’s a bit more compact which is nice since everything is a bit more close together now and it’s easier to see some new people going around n all. Only con imo are the crashes right now, but those should be fixed fast tho.


Lobby 3’s look is great I just wish the shop keepers would work properly