Any complaints about Lobby 3?


really cool but i dont like these loading times there between minigames in the lobby, ( i know this helps for lower pc´s but yeah …)


Loading into the Plaza is a little better now but it’s still atrocious it takes me at least 2-3 minutes for me to load in even on a dead server


My only complaint is that I don’t like how the condo lobby looks too much. Besides that, everything’s amazing.


Lobby 3 is definitely superior to Lobby 2 in every way. I just wish that there were more rooms to explore inside of the Tower itself.


This is an issue with steam, not the Lobby, and will be fixed soon.


some areas still experience motion blur. that is all, rest is gorgeous


I can’t see my forehead.


We’re planning an update to the condo lobby hopefully sooner rather than later. Both to update its functionality and also to give an art overhaul. I worked on the art for the architecture of it, but I didn’t have a chance to detail it up and make it more visually interesting. This will be in a future lobby 3 phase update.


I wanted to expand on this more. What is the goal for each location in lobby 3 exactly?

One of my favorite places that I designed in the new lobby is the updated toy shop. Architecturally, it’s pretty basic. It’s just a rectangular room. But what makes it interesting is everything inside of it that gives it character. You can walk around and look at the wares that are on sale, and you can even read the price tags, many of which have bad jokes and comments on them. Despite being a very basic room, the place is full of character. I also try to stick to a theme in specific areas. For example, the new theater uses a lot of reds to give a “hollywood red carpet” vibe. The spotlights above the concessions desk adds to this. So number one, an area must have a lot of “character” to it.

Another thing I want to strive for is to make it so you’d actually want to go to those places. An example of this was the theater. Another example was the old tower lobby (which I actually designed). These places were cold, drab, and boring. Typically, I try to make the place visually exciting or interesting in some way, and have a certain degree of “coziness” to it. Unlike the old theater, the new one features an exciting color scheme, and the carpets and wood panels make the place feel a bit cozy. So number two, an area must be a place that you’d want to go to in real life if you could.

The last thing is that the area must be optimized properly. We actually use simpler textures and materials in many of the objects in lobby 3 than is used in the rest of the game for this reason. In lobby 3, we also try to reuse the same materials as much as possible. So you’ll probably notice the same wood or the same concrete materials being repeated a lot through the entire lobby. The only difference is often color is changed (especially in the wood and plaster materials). This enforces a certain degree of visual consistency throughout lobby 3, as well as optimizes it tremendously. It’s better to load one concrete texture, and one wood texture, rather than use 10 variations of each. This has helped reduce load times on lower end HDDs and has also reduced the amount of hitching compared to lobby 3. So number three, it must be optimized.

There are certain areas in lobby 3 that are either finished or close to finished, and there are other areas that still need a lot of work. The DIY Store, Seasons, Fresh, Celebrations, the Upgrade storefront, and the bait shop all need more work. And they will be updated in future phases. Some areas, like the toy store, are “finished”, but I still have plans to update them. For example, to bring back the giant dinosaur in the toy store.

We will be releasing future “phases” of lobby 3 that will continue to increase the character of the different areas, make them more visually interesting, as well as further optimizations.


It’s pretty good. My only complaint is how the stray is hidden away for some reason. A suggestion I have is to add loading screen images instead of a black background when entering a door, vent, etc.


Glad if so hopefully it will be more smooth


I opted out of pictures because those themselves take time to load.


these items are not in the game as condo items, they just teas you, there at the fresh food store.


I like the loading screens in between interiors, but the elevators should stay how they were imo.


I love the looks of lobby3, they’re amazing. But what gets me is the layout. I like the looks of the event arena, but there is no indication that it should be there. The shops are absolutely amazing looking, but they’re seperated which is kinda annoying. Also it seems like the tower area and the side areas have immense amount of love put into them, but the rest of the lobby has barely any decorations comparatively. I really hope at least some of these things are changed with the next stages of lobby3.


We’ll definitely be continuing to decorate these areas.


Woot, plants time


the water bottles are! but thats it. as far as i know the devs wanted to roll out a food update (which is why cupcakes are an item that i think were taken off of express?)


No lobby 3 seems ok to me.


This is how I felt initially, but now I can see after not too long I am able to find things okay except for maybe other players. The “Great Outdoors” is a vague location as it can mean the center of the plaza but also most of the outskirts of the map.