Announcing Community Condos


Well, I now have a reason to get back to work on the million condo again.


So hype for this, been playing a lot with someone recently and really wanted some kind of shared space so we could both do our thing in one condo. This works, maybe tie in condo permissions to Steam Groups so people within a certain Steam Group have permissions? Similar to how Unturned handles grouping.

It’d be good to have a way to earn units within condos/community condos but I see that preventing cheating is a big roadblocker for this. That said I do hope you guys figure out a fair way of doing it even if it’s just a small amount.

Also in respect of this would we see some kind of shared group inventory/bank for people using community condos? I kinda feel like using the Steam Inventory is a big obstacle for this in comparison to using your own system but hopefully there is some workaround?

Either way this feature sounds amazing and I’ll definitely be renting a condo server for it. Keep up the good work!


Already have ideas with the new community condo. This is going to be good.


Quick question: does this mean that player-hosted lobbies are being removed, or simply that they won’t be giving out Units in the foreseeable future (if ever)?



and what about workshop maps?


is this thing mostly cancelled?

Is no hosting lobby temporary, or no player hosted lobbies forever?


No, those features are still useful. And with dedicated Condos, they’re gonna be really useful so you can filter out servers and favorite servers.

The plan is no player hosted Plazas until we officially stop hosting our servers, then we’ll release the dedicated Plaza with no Unit exploit protection. This of course would probably be years from now, as we’ll keep our official servers running until we can no longer support them.

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Thank you for claryfication


Ah, good! I was worried that there may be a time when all servers closed and the lobby of TU would become inaccessible.


Okay, I’ve thought about this for a little bit, and originally I didn’t like this idea. But now, after thinking about it, I absolutely think it’s a good decision. I thought hosting custom lobbies was a better idea for a while, but now I realize doing that would have everyone host pretty much the same map and/or similar maps with the exact same buildings in them so nobody would complain about the lack of something like Sweet Suites in a custom map.

Community condos solves this problem by having it so that you DON’T need to have any of that in your condo. It makes total sense.

I do have a few questions, though:

  1. Will Workshop support for maps be implemented at some point?
  2. If the answer to question one is yes, how will maps be made? Using Unreal Engine? Or something else?
  3. Can we host maps that are as big as the plaza?
  4. Can we have community-condo-specific items that can recreate some facets of the plaza, like an item that allows people to choose and queue up for gamemodes, or a two-way teleporter?
  5. If workshop maps are added, how much will they cost in-game? Will they be free? If so, will maps for “temporary” condos still cost in-game Units?

Other than that, I’m really excited for this. And I’m really proud of the team planning to allow people to host regular lobbies again after support is dropped for the game. That’s something most indie devs don’t even think of when it comes to this kind of stuff.

also if workshop maps are added i hope someone ports lobby 1 to UE4 so we can all use that :smiley:

  1. Nothing new to announce about workshop, yet. We plan to benefit of the workshop custom items first.
  2. Nothing to announce.
  3. Please read the post, we mention “Plaza-esque levels”
  4. Nothing to announce. We most likely will not have the ability to queue up for game worlds. Teleporter items are something I’ve already confirmed in the past.
  5. Workshop addons will have no Unit cost. Non-workshop maps will cost Units.


Simple solution for this is the condo owner has to pay out the units to people in their condo, rather than generating new units. That lets people host their own games with prizes, or they could even charge an entry fee to come play their custom games, etc. There’s a lot of possibilities there if we get a way to automatically charge people units and reward them units out of your own account. (Charging would require the user’s permission, obviously)


I did mention this before but I think it’d be a good idea to let unofficial servers use custom currencies. That way, it doesn’t really matter if someone cheats, and it allows each server to have a sense of progression.

Of course, it would still be great if Hosts could handle prizes themselves, although I guess they’d just spawn in the currency for prizes instead.


yeah being able to award a currency unique to your condo would be pretty fun too, could give you a sense of progression in somebody’s condo-game-world that isn’t effected by your unit wealth elsewhere in the game.


Better yet, just merge the old unranked server currency idea with community condos or something similar.


If we get to have persistent condos, can we have a club house condo map created? a simple rectangle building with a stage and room to decorate. With clubhouses, maybe a member system where you can invite members to the club, moderators can send messages and so on.


Any chance of room based permissions? Being able to choose where people can edit would be a good feature for larger groups playing the game.


Just a question to @Johanna,

Will i be able to like…
Make houses for players in smooth dirt like that?

I’m making a house from some items like canvas blocks, without interior, and then making a cutout fence. Then i’m selecting an area and height where i want him possible to build, and then he can build there, but not take/move items that i placed?

If this would be true, i would also make hotel for galaxia 8)


Would this mean if I already have a decorated condo I could make it a dedicate server and then allow my friends to come along and join and then decorate? I’m just asking because we have a huge Discord server and I want to make a dedicated community condo out of the Underwater Condo once this hits :slight_smile: