Announcing Community Condos


May I ask what this means? does it mean you’ll be adding more plaza-styled condo designs to buy?




does this mean that we cant host lobby servers anymore?


That is the plan, the reasons behind this is explained in the original post.


very nice i like this much more than the custom lobbies actually

i guess that only leaves how workshop would change then… if anything my guess would just be sub to the addon and get the item immediately in-game for all i can figure





Very cool! Considering these are customizable, I’m guessing they’ll be able to have their own currency systems too?


Now I can help others more easy if they got a issue with the whole build.

You could even set up a competition of who can build the most insert category here build


Not be really useful to my condo,
but i would really like to build in others condo’s :slight_smile:


This would actually be kind of cool. It’d make for a nice replacement for the whole unranked lobby thing imo.


oh man as if there weren’t amazing condo’s already
now there’ll be more than one person working on them!!


This was generally the best move to go with. I saw no reason to have community lobbies and I’ll be sure that they won’t really attract much attention.

Community condos in the other hand makes sense.

I do have 1 question though, are we able to change our condos names? It would make sense to do so.


Ingenious. I love you Pixeltail!


Good idea! As a potential host of these new dedicated servers, I’ve got some questions.
By default UE4 does not support multiple game session instances in one process. Hence will you still be able to add some form of automation which allows us to add multiple condo “slots”? I imagine that’s how it’s supposed to work?
Also will you still be able to support Steam Cloud Saves on dedicated condo servers?

And finally, is there any intention for adding a gameworld matchmaking system (with a central server host) or allowing the community to host game sessions on dedicated servers?


So basically this is us creating our own lobbies, in the form of condo type editing. I wonder if we can edit things like slot machines and make our own version of the Tower if we want to… this could get interesting.


Sounds great! Thanks a lot Pixeltail! :smiley:


this is perfect.


So how will this work? I’m unfamiliar with dedicated hosting.


With steamcmd I believe.