Announcing Community Condos


I’m sure the Steam Cloud utilization with saving layouts will help here.



Oh yeah of course. I totally forgot about that.

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I have an idea to make things less laggy, don’t know if it would work but here it is.
Have a “bake” or merge feature that would convert all placed objects or selected objects from moveable ones to basically parts of the map. This would exclude doors and intractable/physics props but would make things like canvases locked until reset. IDK if the idea would work but it should make community condos less laggy. Should also make building easier so you don’t accidently move a piece that took you ages to get there.



Sorry to revive a dead thread, but are community condos up? If so, how does it all work? I can only figure out how to have a P2P session in my condo, so once I leave, the connection is closed, and other players cannot edit at all



It’s not out yet, lol



Alright, thanks. I just looked at Trello lol. Should’ve thought of that before posting. Looks like it’s got a ways to go. Wonder how long it’ll be considering it was aimed for 2017 and its towards the end of 2018 now. I’d make use of this feature quite a bit.



they work on a thing, then another, and don’t work on that thing for a long time, it happends alot, but they are a small crew of developers and can’t get every thing done quickly.

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I understand that. Which is why I’ll be patient, I’m just saying it’s hard to estimate in my mind when we’ll finally get it.



It’s frustrating, to say the least, to see things with estimates and then getting pushed back constantly. Starting to understand other’s backlash and abandonment of the game, but i’m still trying to be patient.



Maybe they could remove the estimates on the Trello page and just have a catagory with all of the features that aren’t being worked on.

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I wouldn’t go so far as to abandon it. Things happen, and things get pushed back with a small development team



Community Condos are being worked on over time. It’s a massive change to our inventory tools and each update we’ve been doing behind the scenes work on the feature. Workshop was priority and took a lot of effort and people claimed it kept getting delayed when in reality it became harder of a task because of issues we ran into that we had to work around.

Features are usually always been worked on, or worked towards, but the checkboxes don’t get checked off because it’s still not 100% done.



will there be a way to kinda keep a condo open as a sort of lobby so there can be an actual lobby 1 kinda thing?

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At the very least, you’ll be able to make dedicated condo servers. I don’t know how many lobby functions will be available, but if you’ve got a dedicated server then your condo will remain functional even when you aren’t there.

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That’s the basic gist of it. Whether it’s you leaving your computer on running the server or paying to rent one from a company, the condo will be up as long as that machine is running it.

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If only my old server machine was worth a crap. I run an old TeamSpeak 3 server that I don’t use anymore on it, and used to run Minecraft servers on it. I doubt it would be able to handle a TU server, but we’ll see. Worst case, I’ve got a half decent gaming laptop that’s a couple years old that I can keep it running on. I just hate running servers on my desktop. Something about playing the game, and running the server bugs me. Plus, I like to shut my desktop down and restart when needed, without worrying about bringing a server down.



Hi everyone and guys from Tower Unite,

First off, great game, amazing feature and minigames, definitely worth a while to play with. Even that our community moved from Minecraft to Tower Unite just because it’s very fun and entertaining to play with. We have invested several sets of server in the past to operate our Minecraft server, and now we are running an experimental dedicated server CoEcho Tower to test network routings and stuff.

(Please correct me if I’m wrong about something) We are aware that the Dedicated server upcoming would turn a public lobby into a customizable condo(or whatever house type available), that admins could edit the interiors and furnitures, players who have permissions granted from admins would be also able to edit. Also Steam Workshop stuff are possible to import into the condo, to enhance the playing experience.

Regardless the correctness of what I have described up there, I am hoping devs would consider these suggestions:

  • Customizable portal to minigame lobby(Probably relocation of portal, color/hinting and small stuff, doesn’t have to be custom portal frames and holograms -ish, that would be too heavy load on development and probably would appear already in workshop)
  • Customizable doors and windows (I am new to this game, so if this is already possible then forgive me)
  • NTP sync or custom timezone, probably stall the game ticks? (To give realistic/sci-fi feeling)
  • Guild board, furniture item (Info board probably? Again not sure if this is possible, but this would be useful for admins to announce information. We use to have sign walls in Minecraft :stuck_out_tongue:)
  • Loading screen MOTD (I know Condo MOTD is already coming, but having it shown on the loading screen would be more friendly to players)
  • Condo Inventory (I know Ghost item is already a thing, but I think a Condo-dedicated inventory would resolve players fighting to obtain that item)

Anyway, very great game. Can’t wait to see how the Community Condo comes out!




Some great ideas here, regarding the guild board thing. I know an editable text sign has been mentioned before as a potential future item but even without that you can already place something like this using canvas. You just have to create the sign itself externally to TU in whatever image editing software you prefer.

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How will dedicated hosting be done? Would it not be possible to have the condo saved on the server and any member of the community condo can start up a server? Thanks looking forward to this

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You gotta host the server yourself, so I don’t think that would be possible. I know very little about servers, though, so take that with a grain of salt.