Anime thread

Here we talk about our affection with Japanese cartoons.
Has anyone here watched Dunbine, Dragonar, Juushin Liger, Xabungle, Brain Powerd, Macross, Gundam, Getter Robo, Mazinger, Space Cobra, Baccano, Monster, City Hunter, Initial D, GTO, or anything similar?


Currently on episode 101 of HunterxHunter.

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I havent watched any of these. Currently, im watching High School DXD Born and Dungeon ni Deai wo Motomeru no wa Machigatteiru Darou ka.

currently watching season 8 of the office, dubs are okay but still use subs sometimes too.


Dubs are for casuals, The ones on the office are terrible too.

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OH FUCKING DUDE have you seen that one season 6 episode? dwight was fucking KILLER in that

but yeah as for other anime i just caught the LAST naruto episode ever. pretty fucking awesome.

here’s the full thing if you want to see it:

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dude the subtle increasing aggresiveness of dwight is fuckin murder, china knows how to make those animes right. i heard all the good stuff comes from the heart of the all anime, the Tibetan plateau

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ITT: No one watches a REAL mans anime

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I do watch Jojo I just mostly watch obscure anime from the 80s though.

Trying to start up Durarara, not too sure what’s happening tho
Heard that’s normal.

God tell me someone has seen Usagi Drop

Im a Dragon Ball Z guy, on episode 107 right now. There is going to be a new dbz show coming out in July, cant wait. :smiley:

Can someone explain to me why everyone likes Steins;Gate so much? I tried to get into it, I watched like 3 episodes of the anime, I just don’t get it.

I’m watching Rurouni Kenshin right now. I’m at episode 37, I’m really into old animes right now :stuck_out_tongue:

Hunter X Hunter is the best btw, not holding my words!

Durarara is fantastic. I can attest to it being hard to follow from the start, but it gets better.

Gurren Lagann was pretty good =3

Episode 8 never forget. ;-;

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Finished HunterxHunter, worth watching, plan to start on Fairy Tail next.

Tokyo ghoul is my favorite.
No game no life 2nd.

i only like the artstyle

Anyone had experience with poor fansubs or anything of the like?

I sure have! I got this beautiful JoJo '93 sub from PirateBay.
Linked because large images.

I use almost exclusively mkv files with kawaii codec pack, those subs look like they were built into the capture which I won’t watch. 10 bit encode is best.