Will we be able to create our own pets?

I did search the forum by inputting keywords but I don’t know if we will be able to create pets in the future. If not, I want that.


There’s a Pet category on the Steam Workshop page.


I want to create my own pet in blender. My pet would be so adorable.

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Thank you.

I hope there’ll be pets that can just walk instead of just being able to roll or fly. I want to add custom animations and such like making the ears and nose twitch and wrinkle. I’d make the perfect doge.

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@CalculatorSpoon Oh, another thing, can you upload animated pets that can blink and wiggle the ears and such?

I don’t know, I’m not a dev.

I didn’t know if you were a creator yourself, sorry.

It’s fine.

i haven’t seen any animated objects added to steam workshop yet. haven’t read up much if they’re planning on adding the ability to add animated pets, animated accessories clothing, and condo items. feel like that it will be added along with the custom animations and emotes for player models and hopefully extended to pets

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Copying and pasting what you said into a new topic. Thanks skully.


no problem. :^)

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