An Audial Tour of the Plaza

Make sure you wear headphones!! It won’t work otherwise!

Foohy and I have had our noses to the grindstone working out this KILLER soundscape and spatialization system. HRTF is an Oculus VR spatialization algorithm that mimics the way your brain perceives natural audio, similar to a binaural recording. Simply put, your brain perceives the direction a sound comes from by the tiny amount of time it takes for the sound to reach one ear, then the other. We hope to have an option to enable/disable HRTF in the in-game menu. IT’S SO FRIKKIN COOL AAAAAAAA

**(You may hear some tiny stuttering, this is a bug with HRTF we still need to work out).


Amazing work guys! Really is shaping up!

I’m glad you haven’t referenced pony.
(inner joke only hardcore dongle fans will understand)
But honestly, this is cool. Like, you could navigate around only based on sounds.

youtube just did it for me

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I have a newfound respect for sound design in video games.

I closed my eyes and could visualize the lobby around me.

All you have to do is look at his channel.


That itself counts as hardcore lol


I love this feature, and wish more games supported it :smiley:! The game is taking form real fast.

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I really enjoy all the video! Great job from dev’s!

(i love the plaza flower too, and the one who’s flying!)

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This gives even more shivers than the last time it was shown on stream. This really adds a whole new level of insertion.

Tough I have some things I would like to point out/ask while trying to give feedback:

  • Of all the sounds there, there was one that particularly ticked me off. It was one of the bird noises that is heard right when you go out the station. It’s pitch is too high for a sound that appears regularly through the video. I think it’s just a matter of adjusting it, because I think hearing that particular sound would start getting into people’s nerves after a while. :fearful:
  • I assume that there is still going to be music in the plaza? If so, I assume these are still going to be 2D sounds?

Just trying to give feedback here. I can’t wait to see how the whole thing turns out when everything is polished. :smile:

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That is amazing!

What is this? :smiley:

To bad these things don’t work for me because I can only hear in one ear.

This is very pleasing to the ears, holy shiet.

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But in all honesty, dongle is propably my favorite dev (sorry Zac). When I’m having a bad day, I listen to Robot in the sky and I’m like “Haters you tiny ants on the ground lolz”

I Liked It It was like when u goto to the boardwalk i closed my eyes and all i could see is me in the water

Well, this is… wow. I love it

Just don’t mined the flowing plant there


Shhh. It’s a feature.

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