An Audial Tour of the Plaza




SHHHHHH People Dont need to know That U Goto Space TU When U Click Ur Use Button On It… OPPPS NOOOOO ITS OUT There Now…

Lol This Is Just Me Being Stupid It Might Just be A Bug


Regarding the sound effects used in this game, please do make sure that you attempt to apply systems seen in games such as Battlefield.

Try not to give evidence that sounds have been recorded indoors. Some games, such things as footsteps have a certain reverb that can be caught in some instances. It could ruin immersion if the player is outside.

…Also, pay attention to the little things as well. If ear porn is the direction you’re going, use as many sounds as absolutely possible.


On one hand I really really love this video because it further confirms that Tower Unite is going to be one really detailed game that is truly immersive

And on the other hand I hate it because it made me realize the audio in every other game I’ve ever played is total crap