All pre-retail Garry's Mod versions available for Download!

So, after SirParadox asked me how I got the old GMod versions (1 - 9) on steam during our chat, I thought about posting this here, just to share this amazing source of history.

Go here for the download mirrors:
Incase you want to access them quickly, I’ll post them here again:

Garry’s Mod 1 - 6c – Download
Garry’s Mod 7 - 8.3c – Download
Garry’s Mod 9 - 9.0.4c – Download

The mirrors contain all versions from 1 to 9. Even though these mods were fixed up before SteamPipe, I can confirm that they are still working and playable.

The thread also contains an archive of pre-retail gm_construct editions. Check that one out too if you’re mostly interested in gm_construct’s history. Again here’s the mirror if you want to quickly access it:

gm_construct collection Download


Interesting. I never got the chance to play these old copies. I’ll have to see how Garry’s Mod was back in the day.

It’s a shame that 11 or 12 is not playable. Garry’s Mod 12 is, in my opinion, the best Garry’s Mod version.

omg gmod 9

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I know right? It’d be awesome as heck to play GMod 10 and 11 as well. GMod 10 - 13 were exactly the same game though. So we are basically currently playing a super heavily updated GMod 10 right now.

No… no no no.

You could make the case that Garry’s Mod 10-12 are the same game, just with compounded updates, but Garry’s Mod 13 is extremely different. It’s not only different but awful.

I’ve got to say, that analogy is pretty accurate.

If it weren’t for Cinema (shoutout to PixelTail) or TTT, I honestly wouldn’t even bother playing Garry’s Mod anymore. Gone are the days of enjoyable sandbox or working mods.

I remember gmod 9 being the easiest gmod to work with.
Ya didn’t have to worry about networking anything, it just did it all behind the scenes and you wrote a server script to handle it.

Obviously very limited, but you could do some neat stuff easily.
I made a shooty game where you could upgrade your stuff using tokens players dropped when they died. It also had a banking system so you could save your stuff.

EDIT: I found the gamemode on one of my old drive backups.

Man, this was from back before I knew much about Lua. :stuck_out_tongue:


I will admit… I was really hyped around the time GMod 13 came out. Unfortunately, when it did, everything just wasn’t the same anymore. GMod just kinda lost the mod-ish charm it had, and it didn’t help the UX was a bit clunky. The community overall just became different, somehow. (I will admit, the new Construct and Flatgrass maps were pretty good improvements, though.)

In fact I never really experienced GMod 10 legally, because at the time, I was just a stupid young 13-year old who didn’t have a source of income, and I had to resort to pirating GMod and playing on the only non-VAC-enabled server on the list.

Plus, with the release of Source Filmmaker, I feel the output GMod machinima has died down quite a bit. (Though thankfully, there are still some talented holdovers such as DasBoSchitt, Antoine Delak, ElTorro64Rus, Mister Prawn, etc.)

Sometimes, I kind of want to go back to the days when Fretta (and GarryWare, for that matter) was still being officially supported, and when people on the then-young YouTube were making stupid GMod videos and tutorials.

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Ah, man, the throwbacks!

I also remember pirating Garry’s Mod. I don’t necessarily agree with your attitude on it, but it did move me to actually purchase the game. I remember trying to mimic all the animations of my favorite Gmodders on YouTube, though rarely had any success. You’ll notice how nobody even attempts that kind of stuff anymore (except some of the vets, but even they are beginning to quit).

I don’t really think that Source Filmmaker really killed the Garry’s Mod machinima crew as much as Garry’s Mod 13 did. People often don’t really understand the extent that Garry’s Mod 13 completely ruined addons and other mods. They outright just did not work. Years upon years of mods just gone down the drain. Addons that weren’t updated for five years worked on Garry’s Mod up until Garry’s Mod 13.

And now, since Garry Newman has given up entirely on Garry’s Mod and is looking towards Rust, Garry’s Mod will only get worse.

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Oh DUDE, that reminds me of a quick filler video I put on my YouTube channel of me trying to sort of imitate DasBoSchitt’s style about a year ago:


This seems interesting since I started on GMod 12
also look at the URL :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

What’s there with the URL?

download/ 1337 /13

how do you play it? the file type is .xz

7zip can open it and I assume WinRAR would be able to as well. The xz is just that it’s a compressed version of a tar, and a tar is just a group of files bundled together.


And then take those files and put them in the sourcemods folder of where you have Steam installed.

C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\sourcemods\ is default.

And then you may or may not need to install the Source SDK Base, I’m not entirely sure. But if you go into your Steam library and switch this dropdown from Games, Soundtracks, Software, whatever, to Tools–


–you should be able to find Source SDK Base in there. The 2006 version works for gmod1 at least, not sure about all the other versions.


After that you should be able to relaunch Steam and have the non-standalone versions listed in your library.


i know this is an old thread, but there are console commands to download a desired version of steam games, hope i helped

There’s a steam post that has downloads for GMod 10 - 12.