Old GMod videos or screenshots (that you found or made)

So in another thread, I was slightly gushing about sometimes missing the old days of GMod. And that reminded me of all the old Gmod machinimas and tutorials on YouTube that look very amateur compared to what some of the Gmod community can whip up today. And that got me thinking… do any of you remember some of the old Gmod videos/screenshots from the pre-Gmod-13 era? Things such as machinimas, tutorials, screenshots, or even gameplay? If you remember watching or making an old Gmod 10 video back in the day, then feel free to post it in the thread.

Here are a few examples to get this topic started:


I could go on for days posting my favorites here. Heavy Takes His Driving Test is, without a doubt, one of my favorite Gmod machinimas, made by the late kitty0706 (still gets to me that he’s gone :frowning: )

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All of my favorite Gmod stuff is from Kitty0706, it still hurts me that his life of film making was cut short.

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Him and DasBoSchiett (or however you spell it). They’re the best, in my opinion.

I agree, though MegaGFilms has some classics.

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Oh man, I once saw a super old, ancient GMod clip from 2006. It was simply titled “Garry Mod”. If I could still find it, I’d post it here.

It’s already been posted, but basically all of the old school kitty videos.

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