All Bowling Bug Reports

Here is a list of all the bowling bugs I have found, once fixed I will cross them out of the list, and anymore I find I will add on.

Bug #1 (Visual Bug)

So this bug seems to happen whenever your game freezes for a short amount of time for whatever reason, this happened to me 3 times during 2 matches but I only managed to shadowplay 1. You can see in the video that my game freezes for some reason right before someone is about to bowl which puts the thing that picks up the pins to teleport back down and is in the way of the bowl but collided. This bug is not rare but rather uncommon.

Bug #2 (Visual Bug)

This is something that has always happened to the Plasma ball and I am not sure if it is actually a visual bug or not, when the ball comes back up from the alley you can see the parts where you put your fingers rotate but not the actual bowling ball and the material itself.

Bug #3 (Movement/Physical Bug)

This bug stops the player from walking/moving after a game of bowling is finished, I thought that maybe it was a rare bug, but I played a match after with someone else and it happened to both of us, we still managed to create a game as we were close enough to the bowling panel but we were not able to walk around but we were able to jump. The only way to fix this is either relog or suicide, I know that it is easy to get out of it by suiciding but it is just an inconvenience. (The Yoshi in the video is the other person that couldn’t move from this bug, but he managed to sit down on a seat.)

Bug #4 (Visual Bug)

It may seem like a tiny nit-pick (because it is) but the barrier for bowling is in the alley. (Also posted in General Nitpicking Thread)


Bug #5 (Visual Bug)

Bug #6 (Visual Bug)


I have just found another big which every few rounds which says your bowling xp is more than you actually got and then fixes next throw, I have yet failed to capture this on shadowplay but hopefully can tomorrow.

So I managed to shadowplay bug #5:

As you can see at the end of the first bowl I get my usual xp, then after that display goes away another pops up showing that I have waaaay more xp than I just had, and then on the second bowl it goes back to normal.

That’s because it showed your Bowling EXP, then the Plaza EXP happened right after that. You can see the difference by the logo behind the EXP meter. This is actually something I was aware of, but I’m not entirely sure of how to resolve it just yet. Since the Plaza EXP is on a timer, it’s just going to get in the way of everything at random times.


Ah ok ty, I will just cross it off the post.

Maybe the exp bars could have a different color depending on event. Golf is green, ball race blue, etc. Could be a slight gradient on the top of the window, or the background color behind the word on the exp bar?


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