General Nitpicking Thread

Mini Golf & Ball Race Record Back Button

Wow! I think I just got a great time on one of the levels in the Woodlands Ball Race map!

Let me check what time I got in the collection book…

Let me scroll down real quick…

Ah! There it is!
which level did I get a decent time on?
Okay. Definitely not this one.
Let me just click the back button.
What?? I’m back here again?

Let me scroll down real quick…

I’ll click on Woodlands again…

(The nitpick here is that this back button


should lead to this menu instead of all the way back to the start, otherwise the user may have to scroll down up to 13 more times to find the score they want)


Mini Golf Morph camera control too slow
This has been moved to a separate thread.


To be fair, I’m pretty sure the minigolf morph’s camera speed is a bug. Depending on the map you use it on (plaza vs. condo vs. suite, etc.), you can either get the slow speed or the in-game speed.

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Yeah, I agree with you (that it’s a bug).

Unfortunately, I could not replicate this by going on different maps, but I was able to change the camera’s speed through limiting my FPS. I went ahead and created a bug report thread for it.

Minor text error in the Virus screen.
Should say 4-12 Players, as that’s the server limit


You can see some grass sticking up on the inside of the Gameports building in both left and right of the front building.





I think it’s supposed to be there, to scoop pins that may have fallen in a gutter.

But all of the barrier goes into the floor rather than just San addition which covers the gutter.

The bowling score display feels like a placeholder UI considering it’s not in line with the 90s theme the animations and player list UI have.

I think it should share a theme that more closely matches this UI (but looks a little more interesting, of course):

Also, it should show speed like it does in real life score displays! That’d be fun

One last thing, despite the lights being present on the lane, the frame indicator lights don’t work. It’d be nice to have them display the current side of the frame (left light red for 1st turn, both lights red for second).


There are a few issues with the grass all over the Lobby.

Some places that seem to be missing grass:

Around the Gameports Building (there is also no path out the back of the building despite there clearly being an entrance/exit)

Behind the tower

Above the shops

Grass where there shouldn’t be grass

Along the beach

Along the lazy river

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The center fountain in the lobby bothers me

For starters the water in the large pool can’t be interacted with, you pass through it (which is expected because it’s so shallow). But throwing items in or stepping in it doesn’t create even the slightest ripple.

It also has some visual issues
It looks almost fine during the day with the exception of the flow between pools being too bright and messy.

During the night the flow is far too bright and you can see a cloudy effect in the larger pool that makes the water look grey and murky.

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Apologies for making so many posts, for whatever reason my brain decided that putting everything into just one was a bad idea

Grass appears to have different textures (or brightness idk) from patch to patch.

It’s not super noticeable but it’s there.

During night however, it’s much easier to see.

This is the smallest of nitpicks, so small that i’d even say it’s up to preference rather than something to be fixed. But it looks like the brighter patches are unaffected by the dark environment they are in and should be darker during night. (this could also just be caused by clipping)

The billboards/LODs for foliage in TU are not great. They seem to change shape and arrangement at the smallest distance changes and it’s really jarring to look at (especially when viewed from above).
If they don’t have bad LODs it’s because they seem to have no LODs at all (at least from the top of the tower)

There is a significant amount of Z-fighting at the location of every mini game teleporter and the fountain

The scrolling displays in front of the casino, some billboards inside the tower, and the corner scrolling displays at the subway entrance are not screens:

Not Screens


The small advertisements around the tower are all screens (which seems odd to me) with the exception of the D.I.Y. advertisement.

The small banners and big banners are two different colors

The placement of these looks goofy to me

In the Inventory menu under Toys/Special, the games tab is lowercase, while the rest are capitalized.







There are a lot of unsymmetrical tiles in the plaza.

The tiled pathway that goes around the main fountain the plaza is super uneven. The blue always goes a bit to the left but not to the right, and it’s not at all symmetrical. There are also some weird random blue tiles where they shouldn’t be.

These tiles in the subway are also really messed up.


There are some weird reflections that make absolutely no sense in the plaza.

Top-down view of the plaza being reflected in the upgrade door:

Game world building being reflected in pond water:


Grass clipping through lazy river


Grass clips through the floor in the beach house near the event area.

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