Add MIDI keyboard support for instruments

This will allow a player to plug in a MIDI keyboard or run software to play instruments like the Piano much more easily, thus vastly adding immersion and new interests into the game.

This is a popular and much needed feature in games that use instruments played VIA keyboard which is really not ideal.

Gmod servers and even games like Scum (yes, that DayZ- like Survival game) added this and it turned a neglected feature like instruments into highly gameplay thats even good for things like roleplay.

Just imagine the possibilities in Tower with proper MIDI support!

One example is a video i created in Scum using software to play MIDI files through the game, and its remarkable. and

Please consider this as it would be very interesting and bring a new spectrum of entertainment into the game.

This has been suggested countless of times and it is indeed planned to be implemented by the devs and is in their Trello roadmap. However, it is not a priority. It’s hard to say when it will be implemented officially. There is a tool that someone here on the forums made to act as a shortterm workaround. I can’t recall whom, but hopefully someone else can post it.

In any case, please do refer to the search function before posting suggestion as to not create a pile of duplicates, thank you.

Update, I couldn’t find the TU forum post, but it’s by @Mattio and can be found on the Steam forums here.

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Great thanks for letting me know