Add Mahjong to the Casino

I really like Mahjong a lot. The game is super fun and I think would be perfect for another poker-esk table game in the casino that I would love to see added.

would happy to see any unique rulesets lol.

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That said, I definitely agree. I love Mahjong.



I came on here just to suggest this, glad someone else thinks the same lol!

Saw the weekly update with pics of the new casino games and came here to say this. Not sure if it would be a headache to implement due to how complicated mahjong is but it definitely would make me play a lot more. Great game with tons of replayability

I also came here to suggest Riichi Mahjong. Would be nice if it was even a condo item. I know a lot of friends who play Mahjong and there are very few ways to play it online. I know at least two people who would pick up the game today if it let us play Mahjong together.

I know the rules would be a hassle to implement and it’s not a simple game. Also a rule book and yaku (winning hands essentially) cheat sheet available in game would be most welcome.

Oh god please don’t I won’t be able to even try and win lol