Add Mahjong to the Casino

I really like Mahjong a lot. The game is super fun and I think would be perfect for another poker-esk table game in the casino that I would love to see added.

would happy to see any unique rulesets lol.


That said, I definitely agree. I love Mahjong.



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I came on here just to suggest this, glad someone else thinks the same lol!

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Saw the weekly update with pics of the new casino games and came here to say this. Not sure if it would be a headache to implement due to how complicated mahjong is but it definitely would make me play a lot more. Great game with tons of replayability

I also came here to suggest Riichi Mahjong. Would be nice if it was even a condo item. I know a lot of friends who play Mahjong and there are very few ways to play it online. I know at least two people who would pick up the game today if it let us play Mahjong together.

I know the rules would be a hassle to implement and it’s not a simple game. Also a rule book and yaku (winning hands essentially) cheat sheet available in game would be most welcome.

Oh god please don’t I won’t be able to even try and win lol

12 months ago but please, let’s do this. Even if it’s not a Casino thing, we could make this be a tabletop game item like the other ones that will be coming in the future (eg. chess, maybe tic-tac-toe and others). Imagine this being an Condo placeable game item, which you could win as reward for tickets for playing in Arcade.

I’m not really a Mahjongg or Solitaire person but i do know that there are lots of people out there who are so why not? This seems like a pleassnt addition too.

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