Solitaire & Mahjong

Is there a chance of Solitaire or Mahjong ever appearing in Casino? I think they would be fitting, nice and fun alternatives to games of chance and could also be displayed as game machines.

Huh? Is that actually a thing in casinos? I’m lame and have never been to a casino. Lol. If so, I’m all about it. Love both games.


if solitaire gets added I hope minesweeper also gets added as an arcade game


i would wish to have its Taiwanese variant, it would be epic.

I’d be down for that. Is Minesweeper copyrighted though? I know Microsoft’s is pretty much the most popular but do they actually own it?

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Mahjong would make a nice and light alternative to the abundance of games of chance currently populating Casino! I think it could very likely help attract more people to the Casino.


3 years later, I would like to add another suggestion to this. First of all, yeah, would still love to see this as some sort of Casino game, but if that won’t ever appear, and at this point I’m not sure if it will, can we please have this as an tabletop game you can purchase and place down in your Condo as an item from toy store or a thing you can win from Arcade with tickets? Tabletop Condo games are already a confirmed thing, this could be one of them. Pleasee? :two_hearts: