Solitaire & Mahjong

Is there a chance of Solitaire or Mahjong ever appearing in Casino? I think they would be fitting, nice and fun alternatives to games of chance and could also be displayed as game machines.

Huh? Is that actually a thing in casinos? I’m lame and have never been to a casino. Lol. If so, I’m all about it. Love both games.


if solitaire gets added I hope minesweeper also gets added as an arcade game


i would wish to have its Taiwanese variant, it would be epic.

I’d be down for that. Is Minesweeper copyrighted though? I know Microsoft’s is pretty much the most popular but do they actually own it?

Mahjong would make a nice and light alternative to the abundance of games of chance currently populating Casino! I think it could very likely help attract more people to the Casino.