Achievements are not issuing credits

I have since played this game yesterday and have not received any form of credits from completing them. I was told by essentially everyone that I should be getting them and somehow I’m not. Please help me.


I’m not gettin units from achi too. Pls help

Same here, since Arcade update I haven’t received any of the credits for my mastered map achievements. I was doing the achievements mainly for the units, but when it wasn’t giving me any I initially assumed it was due to busy servers and that it was just delayed. Still haven’t received anything though.

Same with Me. I got the Bullseye achievement and it shows both in game and on steam, but i never got the units.

We have currently disabled Unit earning for achievements due to an exploit. We are working on resolving this.


You will erase any progress for achievements when you resolve that exploit? That way we can do them and earn the units n.n I dont mind if I lose my progress.

Yo I’m not good with this, I went out of my way to complete some achievements, some I tried for a good hour for.

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In that case, maybe they can make a script or something like that, giving you the amount of units that you won, without wiping anything, but I dont know

We’ll make a script that gives you the Units of achievements earned since we turned it off.

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