Accessories and wearables hotbar broken

I wasn’t having this issue until today but ever since my game crashed I’ve found that my wearable hotbar is completely broken and I can’t equip any accessories at all. I’ve tried a complete reinstall and running in DX10 but nothing has changed, I’m really at a loss. If anyone has had this issue and knows a fix I’d really appreciate it!

The files for your hotbar has most likely been corrupted.
Head into the Steam folder in your file explorer, then locate the tower unite game folder, there’s a specific folder you need to access called “ClientPlayerData2”

From the steam folder the path to the specified folder should look like this:
~\Steam\steamapps\common\Tower Unite\Tower\ClientPlayerData2
Delete every single .dat file within said folder and then the issue should be fixed when you relaunch the game.

If steam tells you certain files are unsynchronized tell it to upload the files from your local computer.


At first your solution didn’t work but after a bit of tinkering I realized that steam cloud synchronization was just redownloading the old corrupted files, so after deleting them again and turning synchronization off everything is working again! Thank you so much!

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