Accelerate Alpha (

StarT-Up your engines, overtake your opponents, and drift into first place in Tower Unite’s new kart racer: Accelerate!

Accelerate is now available to play and is in alpha!

  • The Alpha version includes our first Accelerate map: Pine Valley.
  • Up to 10 players can race through 2 rounds of the map with 5 laps in each round.
  • The new Game World includes singleplayer, multiplayer, and friends-only options.
  • New maps, tracks, upgrades, and items will be added in coming updates!
  • The next map to release is Bedzoom!

Steam Rich Presence Support

In this update, we’ve added Steam rich presence support. You can now more easily see what your friends are playing within Tower Unite. We’ve added a setting to disable rich presence if you want some privacy.

Upcoming Updates

We plan to have a hot fix after this update, addressing additional issues that were reported during development of Accelerate. We’re working hard to tackle these as quickly as we can.


  • New Game World: Accelerate! Now in Alpha
  • Accelerate launches with Pine Valley
  • Added Steam rich presence
  • Virus: When enraged, the virus model is now red
  • Added local block and ban player list to Content settings
  • Summer characters are here!

Bug Fixes

  • Workshop: Resolved issues with static workshop models not loading properly in condos
  • Moving platforms/object fix for Ball Race and Minigolf
  • Minigolf - Emission: Made various changes across the map to -try- and fix some inconsistencies when putting
  • Little Crusaders - Amphitheatre: Fixed various dragon camping spots
  • Little Crusaders - Knightsend-by-sea: Fixed various dragon camping spots
  • Little Crusaders - Market: Fixed various dragon camping spots
  • Little Crusaders - Market: Fixed various collisions resulting in players getting stuck on certain geometry
  • Little Crusaders - Throne Room: Fixed some Z-Fighting issues
  • Virus - Overtime: Fixed some collision issues
  • Virus - Overtime: Fixed an invalid spawn point
  • Virus: Fixed host being able to walk around during waiting for players
  • Virus: Fixed TNT respawning infected as survivor under a certain circumstance
  • Fixed latest news image on the pause menu being completely broken for various reasons
  • Fixed various sounds not adhering to volume settings
  • Fixed various load hard references which should help load times a bit
  • Fixed grammar and wording in Game World menu descriptions

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<3 PixelTail Games


See yall on the track gamers

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Just to let yall know, you really knocked it out of the water. I know this is going to be my new go to gamemode. I absolutely love this, it takes me right back to the summer days of my youth playing Source Karts on GMT. I’m really looking forward to seeing what you guys will do next with this.


Are we getting collectionbook/achievements to go along with this gamemode? o:

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Yes we have milestones, leaderboards, and achievements all being developed.


Can’t wait to be able to drive a kart in Plaza!

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I hope there’s a kart and an RC version

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