Ability to purchase building blocks in your condo

Since more and more people are getting into building in their condo (myself included), there should be an easier way to buy those materials. We need a condo menu that lets us buy the building objects.

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In my opinion the only issue with this is that it would remove the incentive of visiting the Plaza.

You would only be able to buy the building blocks though. If you wanted more electronics and furniture and stuff you would have to go to the plaza.

Greengiant is right.

Although let me propose a different idea.
Make us able to buy items straight from the condo, for an increased price.
(this idea was written just for the lulz)
But it would make a nice dilemma, do you want to go through the trouble of joining the lobby server again, which might fail for an unknown reason?
Or would you just buy it straight from the condo at an increased price which would cost more in total, also putting more insentive on playing games.
Or we could restrict it to building blocks.

The problem with most people is that it takes ages to connect to the lobby. I just want to make it easier for them.


I forgot to mention, incase of slow joining time, find server with lowest ping, or get a better internet service if possible.

Hell im using broadband with like 3 megabyte download and 1 megabyte upload and i can join in around 2 minutes

I think slow loading times usually has something to do with your computer specs, not the connection speed.

I am fine with this if this is just for building blocks. Just sell building blocks from the condo for the regular price, but all other things have to be bought from the plaza. It wouldn’t ruin the purpose of going to the plaza as you wouldn’t only buy building blocks.
Also you’d be going there anyways for the casino, right?

This. It mostly depends on how fast you can render the plaza. I mean, it’s not a problem for me since I can load the plaza pretty quick. I just want it to be easier for others.

Actually it has to down with your internet speed, CPU, GPU and RAM.

Internet speed to download the information required, and upload whatever bit of information the server request from you.

CPU to process said information

RAM to get information from say your hard drive to the GPU (textures for rendering and the like)

GPU to render the information for so that we can see it.

Edit: And this is just the short version, the long version is much more complicated.

As long as you’re not using a dial-up Internet connection then you should be fine. The amount of data that you need to send and download is not that much.

eh it depends on alot of factors, like large player amount in the server and stuff like that.
But yes as long as you got anything better than dial up you should be fine.

It takes about 3 minutes for me to join the plaza. At least let us buy stuff in the condo until optimization is better. Also, it’s not based on internet at all for join time, I’m on 40mbps down/10 up it’s more based on your PC specs, here’s mine:

sarcasm begin
Because i totally have the avatar information of the 50 other people in the server (names, outfits, positions)
sarcasm end

This idea was suggested even back in GMT, it just gives less incentive to the plaza. I wouldn’t imagine it’ll always take so long to load in, but generally this sort of thing has always been shot down.

Alright, I’ll just pretend you didn’t read the rest of the post and show you why it basically doesn’t matter if you have 40 or 4 down.

I joined the EU Frankfurt 2 server, which at the time of writing had 52 players and monitored the packets that were being sent.

Working off those numbers we can do some maths and figure out the total amount of data that was sent, then we divide it by the amount of time it took to join (194 seconds) to get the average amount of data that we send/receive every second.

56.04 * (0.2986 * 6416)  = 1835
104.44 * (0.6188 * 6416) = 3970
242.77 * (0.0216 * 6416) = 139
486.18 * (0.0610 * 6416) = 391
			 = 6335 bytes of data sent over 194 seconds
			 = 32 bytes/s of data (on average)

Unless you are using 100% of your bandwidth constantly then there is practically no effect on join time if you have poor internet.

Going back to your point on having the information of the 50 other people in the server, we can assume that the packets under 160 bytes (92% of them) are just pings between the client and server to check the connection is still there.


I just wanna thats a slow connection listed if its only 32 bytes a second, anyway on to my actual point.
No i did not read the linked post because at this current moment it dosen’t have any relevance. (i did read some of it long before you linked it out of curiosity though)
Also it depends on the type of request the server sends and what your computer has to download from the server (if it has to download anything).

Personally my internet connection is stressed to hell every single day (well until i blocked most of them, now the amount is much smaller), mostly because im constantly being connected to by what is essentially a hundred





Side note: This is what your average gateway goes through every day (unless you set it up so that only a very specific group of ip adresses can connect to you), which for those with bad internet connections wont be able to handle so well, which usually lead to them having awful internet connections that really bump connection time upwards.

So again, total amount of data needed to download upload, combined with how good/bad your internet connection is can easily become a big factor in how long it takes to join.

  1. Why the fuck are you running a gateway on a machine that you play games on
  2. It’s 6kb of data, less than half the size of a modern webpage

Fuck are you talking about?
These are unwated connections trying to gain access to my network (hack into it if you will) and steal information from my computer and the other ones connected to said network, trust me this is happening to hundreds of networks around the world right now, its sort of a everyday part of life.

True about that part, although…

Tell that to my local news page, when you connect you get to download more than 100 pictures, and not to forget the pictures for their adds, video thumbnails and so on
And neither is facebook (or most of the other sites i go to) for that matter if you are in the correct groups.

Oh please, the time it takes for you to join isn’t dependent on your internet connection. I went ahead and tested it, I joined Seattle (I have the lowest ping on it) with no downloads going on, I then started updating Rocket League, and joined another server (which I had the highest ping on) and timed them. Conclusion? It doesn’t matter. I also tested joining the server with the most amount of players, again, about 10 seconds.