A worry about achievements

(The question is in bold below, you can skip my rant)
First things first, I think this update has had a lot of undeserved hate. It might be buggy but it’s an early access game, you should expect bugs. It’s what you signed up for. Also, it said that the reason for all the bugs is all the backend work that has been done. Since it was in the news, why are people surprised? Anyway enough of my rant, on to the question!

So achievements have been deactivated, a necessary evil. Another thing is that I have gained the infamous gambling addiction and went from 200 spins to 1000. Now, I know that you could get achievements for this and I was wondering:


Like seriously, if I reach the goal when achievements are off, will I not get it when it gets turned on again?

To all the developers at Pixeltail:
Keep up the good work <3

I just got an achievement in bowling (and then pretty much crashed instantly, but whatever.) so achievements shouldn’t be disabled, unless this post is in the past tense? It doesn’t look like it’s in the past tense.

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Achievements were reenabled in the latest patch. Some broken though, and the backend connection to steam is a bit wonky right now.

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Achievements were already reenabled yesterday.

I was instantly given two achievements i had already completed when i connected to the plaza after the hotfix had been released.
So id imagine some achievements will instantly give you a reward if you have already fulfilled the requirements.

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