"Achievement Is Broken" Report Thread


Please use this thread to report any achievements you ran into that seem to be broken. It’s sad when it happens and I want to fix them all quickly.

Confirmed Broken Achievements:

  • It’s a Party: Does not function due to friend look up issue
  • Get Together: Does not function due to friend look up issue
  • Movie Night: Does not function due to friend look up issue
  • Rambo: Unknown issue

Coming Soon Achievements:

  • Re-Volt: There is no RC race yet.
  • Sunk the Battleships: There is no RC boat battle yet.
  • Kiss The Cook: You cannot cook yet.
  • Best Pickup Line: There is currently no way to get drunk in Plaza.

Recently Fixed Achievements:

  • Red Baron: There is no RC plane battle yet. (fixed in
  • Laser Tag Master: Fixed for next patch (fixed in
  • Trivia Showoff (fixed in build 3673295)
  • Kingpin (fixed in build 3673295)
  • Bowling Pro (fixed in build 3673295)
  • Ribs Can Grow Back You Know (fixed in
  • Big Bucks (fixed in
  • Casino Addict (fixed in

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"I Can See My House From Here" Achievement bug

Housewarming - Knocked on the door in House a bunch and nothing happened.

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Natural Blackjack seems to be broken too.

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Human Blur - you have to fall past the water fountain in order for the achievement to register
Unpoppable - Does not function


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Welp I have Stuffed Discovery and Explorer completed but they’re broken

Also jumping off of Project 12 fatal errors



Verify your game cache.

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You can earn the unpoppable achievement by joining a ball race server at the very end of the game. Not sure if this can be done at the end of any round or just at the end of the game, but you can bypass actually playing the level and just win it this way.

You can also win “King of ___” by joining at the end of the game.



I did it without passing the fountain, i found removing the jetpack fixes it.



End of the rollercoaster causes a “Fatal Error” crash screen

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This achievement is broken for me, I have progressed and finished multiple other Little Crusaders achievements but this one is not progressing at all.



Fatal error caused achievements unlocked after patch to be reset



All achievements for the dragon eating all knights on different maps don’t work.

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“Home away from home” just does not unlock for me

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You can get the “I can see my house from here” from any viewfinder, not just the ones at Project 12

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Wordsmith - Typing over 70WPM doesnt unlock the achivement.
Gone in 60 Seconds - Doesnt unlock

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I had to try like 3 different viewfinders on Project 12 before ‘I can see my house from here’ registered for me. Could have just been lag, but figured I’d report anyway. The one that worked was the one on the corner overlooking Poseidon I believe.



The rollercoaster achievements don’t work for me, they just don’t give the achievement.



I’m still getting no progress with Float Denier.

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