A thread for the (very) small details


We often overlook the small things in Tower. I’m talking about the really small things, the things that you might never notice if you weren’t actively looking for them.

I’m sure a lot of people may have noticed by now, but if you hold the “Z” key, you can zoom in! Using this on various items around Tower Unite, you can find some pretty interesting details. I used a tiny potion, crouched down, and zoomed in on the back of the projector to reveal this text:

Pretty amazing, right? Or how about the cell phones which are referred to as “Sousaphones”

There’s even a descriptive plaque in Central Circuit about the phone!

Ever taken a closer look at the various flavors of chips chumps available in the vending machines?

Cash register display closeup. “Huge Rip-Off.”

The laptops have a little Tower Unite logo where the Windows logo would be.

That’s all I’ve got for now. Feel free to post more in this thread if you guys come across anything of interest! I’m sure there’s a lot of tiny details like this out there that still haven’t been found.

Official Tower Unite Easter Egg Thread!

I got one for you.
The Experimental Chumps is signed by Drumm.



Body seems unclear, is it a complete sentence?


I’ve always liked how the model number of the cash register is TU-2016M. This is a great thread because I’ve always loved the little details that devs add to their games. Rockstar has always been good with that.


Boii, there’s a lot of screenshots I need to take.


Not included are the the books and scrolls in Throne Room, the text on the headphones and the more obvious things.
Also, if anyone reading this hasn’t already, I’d recommend they check out the Easter Egg thread.

With that out of the way…

Up-close, the in-game screens actually look like the individual color thingies they’re made up of IRL.

Britain is canon now.

That can is lying, by the way. On the front it proudly proclaims it has “0 calories per can”, but if you look closely on the back, you’ll learn there are actually a 100 calories per can.

If you couldn’t see it before.

Great foreshadowing guys.

Also, during my intensive research, I found out that beer is really good for taking screenshots.


So almost everything in here is already in the Easter egg thread. Don’t see why the rest shouldn’t just be added there.


Because this is the “(very) small details” thread, not the “easter egg” thread. They overlap, but I don’t see a reason to repost everything from one to the other.

Also, some more things that could be considered “small details”:

Also, if anyone’s unsure which Chump’s flavor to pick, I’d go with sodium chloride. That’s just normal salt.


this one has actual text in it, but my uv’s are trash so its almost unreadable unless you look at the actual albedo. I’m gonna need to update it though since we’ve changed the name


Thanks! That hat has bothered me for a while, but I’ve never looked into it. Mostly due to being lazy.


i see some lorem ipsum


i can only write so much about chickens


Does this one count?



The storekeepers have unique dialogue for when an event is happening.


Another one I missed. Thanks scaler tool!

Taken at @hammy’s suite