A question on badges

So im trying to get more badges and for some reason i cant get 2 badges, the one where you like 50 things and the flag one
I flagged a post but no badge
I liked more than 100 posts but no badge

which post did you flag?

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@TheHackingFox said “sup :b:” below a quote of @Banj-OSAS sayin he plays csgo, i think he changed it when i flaged him, also :b: means yknow, a female dog if you know what i mean, i dont want to risk getting flagged myself for saying it.


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Sup B


Sup Y

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Why did you flag him/her?


when i said :b: i know it does not mean it but i used it as a censor for a swear,
basically the big B swear

also i just got first share just now even though i shared atleast 2 days ago

No swearing on this Christian server, thanks xo

Jk but I don’t think swearing is banned on here anyway, it might be but I can’t find the rules right now. I think generally the rule of thumb is to try not be complete dicks to each other.


Flagging people for just using swear words is not a valid reason. Flagging people just to earn a badge is also a dick move. Uh Oh i used the big D swear :scream:

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I was wondering the whole time why you would care enough about badges on this forum to make a thread about them, even admitting you purposely do things just for getting the badge instead of, you know, doing things when you have to.


He actually sounded like Yknow the BIG D WORD, so no the badge was not the reason, flagging people for swearing sounds dumb i know but the rules are not clear, could someone get mack here and tell us the rules of the whole flagging situation?

I’m really curious as to what the ‘BIG D WORD’ is now. Do tell?

There’s some guidelines here:

It’s not clear if swearing is covered by it though I’d say excessive foul language is discouraged at the very least.

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It means dicc
click the blurry thing if you never seen one of those

Forum badges are dumb and they only encourage annoying, game-like behaviour.
Change my mind.


I wont, i respect your opinion, for now atleast

And yet, you’re proudly displaying that Regular badge.

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Oh damn i did not notice that

Ah, good point. I’ve removed it.

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But you are too.